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Our History

Here is a little insight about how we started Trade Embroidery UK. After four years of being in the embroidery and decorating services we have learnt a lot from customers. We learnt the art and are still learning lots of new and old methods in trade. When it comes down to embroidery there are so many factors to weigh up, each of which are important to creating clean, effective and attractive embroidery. Machines have changed a fair bit over the past decade which has allowed us more freedom to explore new things. Here at Trade Embroidery UK we treat every order as if it was our own but with 100% trust that your customer will never know anything about us. We want your customer to praise the work that you supplied them with. We have quality control checks in place so you won’t need to feel the need to check over all of our work.

Why we started is a good question and an important one. In such uncertain times with COVID and the ever changing economy, we appreciate it can be a big outlay for companies to invest in the premises and equipment required to provide an embroidery service. This is where we can help. We have the facilities and equipment to provide high quality, fast turnarounds which allow you, our customer, to provide an embroidery service to your customers but without the risk factor to yourselves. All of our work is completely discrete and confidential, meaning your customer will know nothing about us. Whether you are an existing embroiderer, or a company who are weighing up the possibility of adding this your current services, we can help. We can help free up time when the work load is building up, or simply add an embroidery service. For all of this, we offer you our services at competitive trade rates.


Why Choose Us


Produced In The UK

We produce everything here in the UK


Reliable & Discreet

We have quality control checks & can ship white label


Competitive Pricing

We offer very competitive trade prices

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